Cilantro Companion Plants – What Grows well with Cilantro

Cilantro Companion Plants

Companion planting is a great way to make your garden more productive, healthier, and less susceptible to pests. Planting different plants next to each other helps them assist each other in growing better and producing higher yields. Different combinations of plants can help control pests and improve overall crop health and garden vitality. Check out this guide to companion plantings for cilantro.

Cilantro Companion plants

Companion plants are plants that grow well, for a variety of reasons, when planted near each other.

For example, planting basil with tomatoes is said to improve the taste and growth of tomatoes.

What grows well with Cilantro

Cilantro plants are fast-growing, but that doesn’t mean they will take over your entire garden. In fact, you can grow cilantro with a variety of other plants without worrying about the cilantro crowding them out.

Tropical Plants

Cilantro plants are very hardy and will grow in tropical climates such as Florida and Hawaii. They tend to do better in the summer than in very hot areas, however, since they need moist soil to develop properly. That makes tropical areas ideal for cilantro growing.


Cilantro is used to flavor lots of different dishes, including salsa. It’s not a great idea to plant it near mint or sage though since their flavors will likely clash with cilantro’s distinctive taste. Basil and coriander are also good companion plants for cilantro. You can actually use cilantro as an edible garnish for your dishes as well! It’s a good way to add some extra freshness to your cooking.

Fruits and Vegetables

Cucumbers, squash, and beans are all great vegetables to grow alongside your cilantro plants because they repel pests that would otherwise attack the cilantro plants.

Some of the best companions for cilantro


Basil is an excellent companion plant for cilantro because it has the opposite effect that cilantro does on tomatoes. Basil helps to deter aphids from attacking the cilantro, while cilantro repels beetles from attacking tomatoes.


Chives are another excellent companion plant for cilantro because they act as a buffer zone between the leeks and cilantro, which means neither will interfere with the growth of the other.


Oregano is a good option for anyone who wants to use less cilantro in their recipes or for anyone.


Cucumbers are one of the few vegetables that can grow well near cilantro without being bothered by pests. The two vegetables taste great when eaten together in a salad or on the side of a dish.


This vegetable is another great choice for companion planting with cilantro. Tomatoes need lots of sunlight to grow well, and cilantro does not like a lot of sunlight, so they make perfect partners in the garden bed.

What not to Plant?

So here’s a list of stuff that will not grow well if planted near cilantro.

  • Peppers. Both the mature plants and the hot peppers themselves will harm the cilantro.
  • Corn. The pollen from the corn tassels will make it taste funky.
  • Don’t plant it near peppers or eggplants since they might be sensitive to its strong aroma.

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