Bleach & Mothballs Methods to Keep Possums Away

What will keep possums away?

How to get rid of possums naturally

Nothing compares to the smell of mothballs or ammonia and they are very effective in keeping possums away. The problem is that they are toxic and availability is increasingly difficult. Some states and countries have even banned their use. Fear not, there are other natural ways you can manage these pests without causing harm to yourself, your family, pets and of course the possums that are being displaced by a man-made nuisance.

Do mothballs get rid of possums

Possums are small animals, if they are disturbing you then your backyard or home is perfect to them, You can’t get rid of possums unless you make your yard or home unfriendly to possums. The most effective tool against possums includes mothballs and other smell repellent.

Will bleach keep possums away

If the possums in your yard are eating your garbage or making a mess, there is a simple solution you can try to keep them away. Simply combine 1 part bleach with 10 parts water in a spray bottle, and spritz their favorite hangout spots. They will smell the bleach and stay away.

Does animal control remove possums

When it comes to getting rid of possums, traps are usually ineffective. They do not respond very well to them and will only avoid the traps most of the time. There are other ways to get rid of possums that don’t involve a nasty trap, including fencing them out from your home. Talk to your local animal control services about the best way to keep possums away from you!

What can I spray to keep possums away

Use hot pepper or tabasco sauce. To make a homemade possum deterrent spray, combine hot sauce, water and detergent in a hose-end sprayer. When using the spray on your property, be sure to obtain an unobstructed view of where you’re spraying it to minimize overspray and the chance of getting it in your eyes. Wear protective eyewear and a respirator mask if you’re working outside in windy conditions. You can increase the potency by adding cayenne pepper to the spray solution.

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