Living plants can bring a new dynamic to your fish tank. Floating aquarium plants not only keep water healthy but also provide protection and shelter for shy fish. They are also a great way of natural beauty.

Many fish-keepers are enthusiastic to grow plants in their aquarium. But they don’t have enough time for their care. Because some plants need extra lighting and others require a high nutrient intake.

Before talking about floating aquarium plants, let’s talk about how to choose the best floating plants.

Which Floating Plants are Best for You?

There are different points you should keep in mind when choosing plants. For example, you will have to choose an aquarium according to the species of fish living in the tank. For the reproduction of fish, plants with roots are a good option. Because they offer shelter for newborn fish.

The size of the aquarium and plants look also matter when choosing floating aquarium plants. Similarly, the speed of the plant’s growth also matters. Always choose plants that not only fulfill your needs but also look amazing.

The 5 Best Floating Aquarium Plants

Here are a few most popular and easy to maintain floating plants:

1. Live Duckweed Plants

If you have a small aquarium, live duckweed is a great option. It is suitable for a small tank below 100 liters. Duckweed plants have small leaves and short roots and form a picturesque layer of greenery on your water’s surface.

It grow s very quickly so you can replace it from time to time. Don’t forget to keep a lid on the tank when growing duckweed. Because this plant loves to expand its territory and grows outside of tanks sometimes.

2. Hornwort

It is another engrossing floating plant that looks fantastic in the tank. Hornwort has a wonderful deep green color that entirely changes the lighting state in the aquarium. The leaves of this plant have a unique whispy and eye-catching look.

Its outstanding look makes it unique from all other floating plants. Above all, you can pair it with any species to give an amazing look to the aquarium.

3. Java Moss

If you don’t have enough time to care for your plants, you should grow java moss. Java moss is among spectacular floating aquarium plants that thrives in almost all environmental conditions. Further, its incredible appearance makes it one of the best choices to grow in an aquarium.

Java Moss has almost no roots and contains stems and little oval leaves. You can modify its appearance by trimming. You can plant it in almost all types of aquariums.

4. Red Root Floater

It is an extremely underrated floating plant but can be a great choice from an aesthetic perspective. It can grow in a diverse range of water parameters. If you drop it into the fresh water tank, it will be still happy. However, if you provide the right circumstances, its leaves will turn almost 100% red.

5. Amazon Frogbit

This plant has an amazing mini lilypad feel that makes it quite appealing and fun to look at. Its long roots create a mesmerizing effect in a tank with a little bit of current. It has sturdy, wide, and relatively flat leaves that look astounding. This plant doesn’t need trimming at all. Amazon Frogbit is happy without any proper care.

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