Possums are a beautiful Australian fauna that lives in many habitats. They look like a rat and have white fur on the tips of the tails. There are 23 known species of possums but two of them are the most popular i.e. Brushtail and Ringtail possum.

Although possums are beautiful, they can be very destructive to your garden. These cat-sized animals love eating plants, flowers, and fruits. You can find them running along your roof at night. This article guides you on how to get rid of possums.

How to get rid of possums?

Possums are non-aggressive creatures to humans. But, sometimes, it becomes necessary to get rid of them. Removing possums can be a challenging task. You can use different ways to get rid of possums. Let’s talk about how to get rid of possums:

Make The Area Less Appealing

The most attractive places for possum are those where they can obtain food easily. So you can make your home or gardens less appealing by removing the food sources. Never provide food for these wild animals intentionally.

If you give them food, they will lose the fear from humans. Further, they might become aggressive if you don’t give them food. You should also keep them away from garbage bins by tightly shutting the bin’s lid.

Similarly, if there are fruit trees in your yard, pick up the dropped-fruit. Don’t scatter bird seeds in the late afternoon. Because they will not be getting enough food from your property. So it will be helpful to prevent your area from possums.

Cover Opening or Fencing

Using electric fencing or the erection of woven wires is another good option to get rid of possums. You should use at least four feet high fence facing outward to stop them from climbing over. Although it is an effective method to deter them from your home, it needs your attention a lot.

Opossum Repellents

There are different products available in the market to repel these wild animals. For example, you can place a motion-activated device in a location where possums are found frequently. This device is triggered automatically when a possum crosses the sensor.

Then, the device is activated after detecting the animals there. The device frightens them and keeps them away from your home or gardens. You can also use a chemical repellent to deter them. For example, they tend to flee from smells like garlic, mothballs, and Ammonia.


You can control possum by using a trap. Catching possums isn’t that difficult. Because you can easily catch these wild animals using different traps available in the market.

For example, bring a 10 by 12 by 32 inches cage-like trap. Set that along different known travel routes. Then, bate them by using fresh fruit such as grapes and bananas. In this way, you can easily catch possums.

What to do after catching the animals? Well, it’s a difficult part than the previous one. The best option is to relocate them by an authorized wildlife expert in your area. You must consider killing the last option. However, we highly suggest you don’t go with the last option ever.

Closing Words

These are the 4 most effective methods of how to get rid of possums. First and foremost, make your property less appealing to them. Then, you should try to cover their entrance point with fencing. If your property is still not safe, you can use repellent to deter them. The last option is to catch them by using a trap. This is how to get rid of possums.

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