Soil testing for gardening


Nutrient soil is base to healthy gardening. It grows food naturally. Natural food and environment is best for human life. Land has different types. Each type supports different plantation. Soil testing before gardening is the best technique for planting garden.

Using organic matter and compounds shows the weakness of land. Although, you can use these for better plantation. But it is sign of weakness. Healthy land does not need anything for gardening.

Soil testing for gardening

Testing services ensure the health of clay for gardening. They make the complete report for minerals after complete test. But you can buy your own testing kit for experience. After report you need to buy the lacking elements in your land. These will improve the health for better gardening. Further all details are examined by the soil testing kit.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are three essential chemical elements for plants. These provide nutrition to plants. Healthy land is rich with such elements. Plants absorb these elements from soil and get energy.

But these are not enough for healthy lands. Calcium, magnesium and sulfur are also required. But these are not the basic for growth. These have the plus point for many gardening plants.

How do you test the soil pH?

The soil pH reading is another test based on power of hydrogen. It is about absorbing the minerals from the land. Its range is between 1 to 14. That range tells, which plants to grow. Acidic is low pH level and Alkaline is high pH level for gardening.

Mainly 5.5 to 7 is the best range for planting as it supports the most plantation. But if the pH scale is more than 7, then you need to decrease it. But you can also plant the garden which supports the high pH level. That will grow normally.

Its same for the low pH. You need to increase the pH level or choose the plants which can grow on low pH levels.

Testing can be performed without purchasing the kit. You just need to get the vinegar and baking soda. If we put vinegar soda in cup of soil and it fizzes. Then it is alkaline.
But if it does not fizz then put some water in another cup with soil. This time put the baking soda. If it fizzes then it is acidic.

What is the importance of soil texture?

Another thing related to land is its texture. You need to analyze the amount of sand, silt and clay. There isn’t need for any expert to judge the soil. You just need to see closely and rub into hands.

These all types are important for gardening. But every type support different plants to grow. So, you need to find the type of clay and grow the plants accordingly.

Gardeners should do these all things to grow the plants. After soil testing you need to prepare the land for plantation. Hope you enjoyed the article. Thanks for being with me.

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