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Avocado is a fruit plant tree. Growing avocado was first originated from Mexico. Its fruit is green colored, egg shaped,

Corn, having edible grain also known as maize, belongs to the grass family. We will try to cover each and

Botanical Name Asparagus officinalis Plant Type Vegetable Family Asparagaceae Time to Plant Start of spring Soil Type Sandy loam Soil Condition

Growing bananas is not difficult but you must know few techniques. I will explain you how to grow bananas in your

Pollinator can be any living being or non-living being which transfer pollen grains from one place to another on plants.

Tomato –a flowering plant having innumerable usage in different dishes, ketchup preparation and utilized as a salad- belongs to nightshades

Tomato is the most delicious vegetable and nutrient-dense superfood. It is one of the most edible commodities in the world. 

Pollination process is important due to its benefits for high production. It leads to high production of fruits, vegetables and

Pumpkins which is used for sweet or savory dishes belong to Cucurbitales and share the same family with cucumber, melons,