5 popular Herbs that grow from Cuttings

Planting a garden is tremendous way to live at home. There are many methods you can make your home beautiful with plants. These plants can be grown in different ways, like you can grow them from scratch with seeds or take baby plants from nursery. But there is another simple and less expensive method which you can adopt.

And that method is from Cuttings. You can buy fresh harvested herbs from market or just cut the branched from already grown herb from neighbors or friends. Then, just plant them in a jar of water and take care. They will grow their roots after few days then later you can plant it in pot or container of of soil. Now this will spread and become full grown plant. And then you can further plant its branches to other places and it goes on.

1. Thyme

Now look at this plant, which is a herb. It is likely to grown by many gardeners because of its easy growing method. Cuttings can be get from any where from market or friends garden.

If you compare the growth from seeds and cuttings, you can easily notice that cuttings are way easy and high growing rate.

2. Basil

When we look at basil benefits and uses. We think it may be very difficult to grow. But its as simple as other herbs which grow from cuttings. It has anti aging properties which make it more famous among home gardeners.

Many people plant cuttings directly in soil but it is not the way. You should first plant it in water jar and keep the water fresh. It has full chances that cutting will grow its root after few days.

3. Sage

Sage belongs to mint family and famous for its strong leaves. Its amazing flavor is widely used for cooking in foods. When ever you talk about herbs, they have extensive benefits to cure diseases.

Even though it does not like that you can grow this herb from cuttings. But believe me, professional gardeners grow this herb from cuttings.

4. Lavender

Lavender is another mint family flowering herb plant which is grown from cuttings. Its beautiful when flowering due to its blue color. It is very ancient herb when you look into history of Egypt.

5. Rosemary

Rosemary is k known for its fragrant properties. And its ever green herb which remain green in the whole year. It is simple and easy to grow from cuttings. Gardeners should plant this herb near their kitchen for easy access for harvesting and cooking in recipes.

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