Tomato are fruit or vegetables?


The confusion about tomato are fruit or vegetables is due to its usage. Scientists and people usage is the main difference which cause this confusion. Here we do not consider how people use it. We will go with scientists experiment.

Botany is the study of plants, which tells the characteristics of every plant. That confusion is also discussed in many botanical platforms.

According to definitions we compare fruit and vegetable with taste. Fruits have sweet taste instead of savory.

Tomato are fruit or vegetables?

Scientists declared tomato are fruit because these are grown from ovary. And it also contain the seeds. These are the conditions under which these are called fruit.

Cucumber, squash and peppers are also fruits but commonly grown and cooked as vegetable. But we can call them vegetables due their taste and usage.

If we go back to history, In 1983, USA supreme court declared that tomato are vegetable. It was due to their use for cooking. But after the scientists experiments it proved that these are fruits.

That was the confusion which is still coming with time. Originally, tomato are fruits but we can call them vegetables.

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