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Privacy policy of this website is highly noticeable due to high traffic from all over the world. Its about website and user. Whenever user come to this website, uses users data. That data is received from the users browser. There can be many ways which we will discuss here to clarify the users satisfaction.If you are using this website then you should be agree with these privacy policy conditions. These can be updated or edited as per administrators. Users need to know the Privacy Policy regularly.

Information Collection and its Use

Basically its the input given by the users which is saved by the website. For example, comment and contact section both require personal information including Name and Email address. That is the information collecting activity performed by the website.Now it is to ensure you that all collected information has only single purpose. Which is identification for contacting or commenting and nothing more than that. We do not share your personal information with others.

Log Files

Browsers always send information related your computer to websites. For example, my website knows users IP address and other browser details. Its common from all websites including me. It saves pages for interest development. Then browser show interested posts related you.Google Analytics and Histats are web application use to know about users interest. We are using both these web applications to get knowledge about the users coming to my website.


Cookie is used for better speed on browsers. Browser saves browsing data of user to load that pages faster. That is called cookie. also saves users activity for faster loading. Users can also disable cookies from their browser.


Users must need to know that all the websites on the internet are not safe. So, kindly do not share your balance account details. We as gardeningfan team assure you than we will not do any illegal activity which will harm you. But you also need to be self secured.

Contact Us

All the privacy policy terms and conditions are explained but if you have any question you can contact me. And also note that these terms and conditions can be updated so you need to keep in touch with this page. Contact details are:Email: [email protected]: +923045316834