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One of the questions that kept on bugging me was how to preserve cilantro without losing its flavor. I love cilantro and use it in cooking almost every day, but somehow had never gotten around to freezing it! This is why I decided to do some research and share with you not only my own experience on preserving cilantro but also all the ways and methods I managed to find on the internet.

Can you freeze cilantro? Yes, sure you can

Some herbs are better to freeze rather than using the traditional of storing them in water. Cilantro is one of those herbs that still have flavor when they are frozen. With the right steps, you can keep your cilantro at one time without losing its original taste. Learn how to freeze cilantro so that you can always have it on hand for your recipes.

How to Freeze Cilantro at Home?

Cilantro is a great herb for cooking because it adds flavor to all your meals. However, you can start losing its freshness, if it is left out in the open too long. Therefore, you should know how to freeze cilantro at home to preserve freshness.

Freeze Cilantro in a Glass with a Ziploc Bag

The first method is to put cilantro in a glass of water with a Ziploc bag and then put it back in your fridge


  • First of All, wash the cilantro so they become clean. Then you fill a glass with two inches of water
  • In step two place the cilantro in that glass or jar, it really looks like super pretty flowers.
  • In the third step, cover the cilantro loosely with a large Ziploc bag (you can also use a plastic bag instead of a Ziploc bag) and refrigerate it.

How long can cilantro be preserved using this method?

By using this method, it will look fresh and green for up to two to four weeks. Additionally, it depends on the condition of your cilantro when you first cut it.

Freeze the Cilantro with Paper Towel

This is the best method to do.

  • There is no need to wash the cilantro first, but because of Covid-19 and what is happening now. You must wash them for safety
  • In the next step, try to dry cilantro or air dry them as much as possible
  • Take the two pieces of paper towel and wrap a half bunch of cilantro in it, so it feels like wrapping spring rolls or something else a kind of fun.
  • If your cilantro is longer than paper towels, then take another paper towel and wrap it on the end
  • Place this roll of paper towel in a large Ziploc bag

(Repeat it with the rest of the cilantro)

How long can cilantro be preserved using this method?

  • If you wash it beforehand, it can last up to two weeks.
  • In case you didn’t wash it, just dry cilantro with a paper towel and there is no moisture. so, this can last up to four weeks.

Freeze Chopped Cilantro in Ziploc

  • Firstly, we cleaned and washed the cilantro or just gone pat dry really well.
  • Then chop all the cilantro into small pieces (you can choose just to freeze leaves or everything)
  • Put all chopped cilantro in a small Ziploc bag and then freeze it

How long can cilantro be preserved using this method?

It will last up to three months.

How is frozen cilantro helpful for different dishes?

For most people, the use of frozen cilantro is typically associated with last-minute salsa or guacamole in times of emergency.

There are many uses for frozen cilantro. This herb is perfect for use in soups and stews. It is also a great addition to sauces and to Mexican food. There are other ways that you can use this herb as well to create unique and flavorful dishes.

It is helpful for main dishes, side dishes, snacks, salads, soups, etc.

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