Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar

Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar


Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar is a natural, non-sweetened vinegar that’s great for all kinds of cooking. The dark, rich color and earthy flavor pair well with most foods and make this product a nice choice for adding a bit of extra zing to Asian dishes. The slightly sweet taste makes it a great option for salads and marinades as well.

Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar is extracted from hibiscus flowers and the product has a long history of use in China, Japan, India, and Africa as a preservative, a tonic, and an aid to digestion.


Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar is used in food preparation to add a sour taste.

It is made by extracting the acid from the leaves of the Hibiscus flower by using dilute alcohol, which makes it acidic and it depends on the type of hibiscus you use.

This vinegar is made from hibiscus leaves that are fermented and distilled, creating a light, refreshingly tart vinegar.

This vinegar is blended from Chinese hibiscus leaves and distilled.

The natural color is bright yellow.

Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar is a unique vinegar made from. It has a mellow and slightly sweet flavor. Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar makes an excellent salad dressing when combined with olive oil or other flavor-enhancing oils like garlic, oregano, and herbs.

Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar is great to take care of your hair and skin, not only because of its nutritional value but also because it has been used for generations in Africa as a medicinal herb. This vinegar has an intense flavor and can be used in many recipes like barbecue sauce, salad dressing, and marinades.

Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar is produced using the dried leaves of Hibiscus sabdariffa.

The vinegar is commonly used as a salad dressing, dip, and marinade ingredient, or as an ingredient in stews and soups. Alone, hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar is quite tart but it combines well with maple syrup or sugar to improve taste and mask sourness

We used hibiscus yellow leaves, extracted the tannic acid, which can benefit your body, and then fermented it into a dash of vinegar.

This vinegar contains 7.5% anthocyanidin and hibiscus antioxidants, which can prevent the aging of cells and help protect the human body from oxidative stress.

We are the largest private company in China dedicated to developing and producing natural remedies. Our products include herbal extracts, health care supplements, nutrition-oriented cookies and crackers, Chinese traditional tea, beauty care products, and acupuncture supplies.

leaves vinegar is a traditional Chinese vinegar brewed from the flowers of the hibiscus plant. The leaves, which are rich in amino acids, are added to lend additional flavor to this healthy condiment. vinegar makes an excellent substitute for plum vinegar or any other Chinese flavored vinegar because of its superior health benefits.

Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar is made from fresh and is naturally high in vitamin C. This sour, spicy vinegar can be used in marinades and dipping sauces that call for a little zing. Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar is also known to aid in digestion.

Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar is a color additive used in food applications.

It is a good natural plant in warm climates, its flower is yellow, widely used in herbal medicine. Especially its leaves are used to make the…

This vinegar is made from the leaves of the hibiscus flower and gives a wonderful fruity flavor to savory dishes.

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