How to grow parsley

Botanical NamePetroselinum crispum
Plant TypeHerb
Time to PlantEarly spring
Soil Type Loamy and well-drained soil
Sun Exposure Sunny or partially sunny
Temperature Cool or moderate (70° F)
Water Supply Frequent water
Organic MatterHighly recommended
FertilizersPrefer organic matter
Used InSalads, omelettes & sauces

Parsley which is used as salads, omelettes and fresh taste in sauces belongs to Apiaceae family. It is an aromatic flowering plant. In this useful article, we will explain thoroughly every step for obtaining healthiest and maximum production of parsley. We will answer the following questions in details: describe the most crucial requirements and necessary condition for planting parsley? Which is the best time for planting parsley so that you can achieve the utmost possible yield? Complete details of how to plant parsley? How to grow parsley and different methods to protect parsley from climates and pests? For the easy of a gardener, we will cover when and how to harvest parsley?

grow parsley at home
You might be thinking why to grow parsley?

Parsley plant contains Vitamin A and C. It is also a rich source of Iron and has many scientifically proven benefits. It’s really beneficiary to grow.

Most new gardeners don’t grow this just because it is notorious for slow germination. In the past, it used to be linked with different superstitious ways. So don’t be afraid. Mostly, all members of the Apiaceae family take enough time for germination. It can take up to 1 month for germination. If you don’t know how to grow parsley, then don’t make this excuse. We will make easy for you to grow parsley by describing the complete procedure by expressing how to plant parsley seeds? Before we move toward how to grow parsley, let’s learn all essential conditions for growing parsley.

Condition for growing parsley

Either you are a beginner or expert gardener, to obtain knowledge, for growing parsley is really important for you. If you are capable to grow your crop in the best suitable time which is required for growing parsley, then you will obtain the most healthy and tasty crop. Even your quality and quantity of crop both will increase. So don’t miss the chance to grow your crop in an appropriate time span.

First of all, try to choose a sunny or partially sunny place to grow parsley if the temperature is cool or moderate because this type of location really suits parsley for best growth. If you live where the temperature is incredibly high then try to choose a spot where parsley can receive partial sun.

Parsley requires loamy and well-drained soil. You can dramatically increase your production by mixing different organic matter into the soil. You should add aged manure and well-rotted compost into the soil.

By adding the organic matter will amazingly change the texture and taste of your crop.

Parsley plant needs frequent water. Soil should neither be dried nor be water-logged. Always keep the soil slightly moist and you utilize mulch for this purpose. Generally, fertilizer is not required for parsley if you provide enough organic matter. However, if your crop is not doing well, then you can use balanced fertilizer weekly.

When to plant parsley?

Parsley planting time varies from region to region. These are not frosted hardy. You should protect this from frost. Try to sow the seed of parsley in the early spring about 6 to 10 weeks before the start of last frost date when you feel the warmth in the air. Parsley transplantation is extremely easy so you can transplant when the risk of frost entirely passed away.

You should start planting parsley when summer is ended because this is the time when the weather becomes moderate or cool.

How to plant parsley seeds?

So far, you have learned all major requirements and extremely important conditions to grow parsley plant. Now you can prepare your soil exactly like expert gardeners. After obtaining primary knowledge about parsley, let’s learn step by step process how to plant parsley for best production.

  • First, choose an appropriate place for planting parsley. If you live in a cool climate then try to choose a place where it can obtain full sunlight. However, if you live in a hot tropical and subtropical region then try to choose a spot with partial sunlight. Suitable temperature to grow parsley plant is 70 degrees F.
  • Now prepare your soil. Add aged manure and compost into the soil and mix precisely for maximum growth.
  • Now sow the seeds about 10 to 12 weeks before the last frost of spring.
  • Sow the seed half to 1 inch deep and 6 to 8 inches apart approximately.
  • Seeds require long duration for germination. It can take almost 3 weeks to become sprout. For better and quick germination, try to soak the seed overnight.
  • Parsley can easily be transplanted, you can transplant it late when hazard of frost completely removed.
  • Fertilizer is not really required. You can use if the organic matter was not sufficient for soil.
  • Soil should be moist and water-logged free.
  • Best neighbor plant of parsley is asparagus, tomatoes, and corn.
planting parsley seeds

By parsley plant care how to grow parsley plant?

In the previous section, you have learned the complete procedure of how to plant parsley seeds? You can’t attain the best quality of your parsley crop until you care this. Here we are going to discuss how to grow parsley and care your crop for supreme quality. Harvesting parsley will become interesting if you care your crop up to the mark.

  • It takes much time for germination so during this time, be patient and water your crop frequently.
  • Try to avoid your crop from overwatering.
  • Carrot fly and celery fly larvae really damage the crop. So try to protect your crop from these attack.

If you want to decrease the risk of disease, then your soil should be well-drained.

When and how to harvest parsley?

Harvesting parsley is the last step, you were waiting for. You can harvest parsley after sowing about 70 to 90 days. When a leaf of the parsley plant grows at least 3 segments then you can harvest parsley. Always try to cut the outer portion of the parsley so that inner part can still grow better. You can even reap the young parsley stalks for different and delicious taste. You can store parsley by putting that into the water.

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