Jade plant care instructions

Can you propagate a ZZ plant in water?

Propagating jade plant in water

Propagate jade plant by putting the stem in water. Make sure you remove any leaves that would be under the water first. This publication has been designed to encourage you to grow your own jade plant. We explain how easy it is and offer suggestions on how to follow a routine of Propagating and caring for your new plant.

Dwarf jade plant propagation

Dwarf jade plants are easy to care for. They are a common sight in hanging baskets and window boxes throughout the South, and they are easy to propagate from cuttings. Whether you have the traditional grower’s choice of green or burgundy dwarf jade or newer hues such as lilac, pink, orange or yellow, you will be rewarded with a long-lasting flower that is great for indoor decoration.

Jade plant propagation time

Most jade plant enthusiasts don’t realize that it is possible to propagate jade from leaves or stems. Jade plant propagation by leaf is actually easier than propagation by cuttings because the leaf has to be partially rotted to successfully propagate. Don’t throw away any parts of your jade plants, even if only a small portion of the stem or leaf can be used for propagation. Instead, leave it in a warm, dark spot so that it can rot for a few weeks until some calluses form on the stem or leaf section. You will know when the time is right because you will see small white threads forming on the stem or leaf section where you are going to propagate. It should take anywhere from two weeks to two months for plantlets to appear. Once the plantlets are a few inches (8 cm.) tall, you can treat them as normal jade plants.

Rooting large jade cutting

Take prepared jade cutting and apply rooting hormone on the bottom of the cutting. Place the jade cutting into a container filled with a bonsai soil mix; water lightly. Place the container in a bright, warm area such as a south-facing window. Keep soil moist, maintaining enough moisture to prevent drying out of cuttings. The soil should be free of debris and should drain properly.

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