Treatment for yellow leaves on hibiscus

Treatment for yellow leaves on hibiscus

Treatment for yellow leaves on hibiscus

Treatment for yellow leaves on hibiscus Causes of Hibiscus Leaves Turning Yellow. Ensure that potted plants are in well-draining soil. Plant your hibiscus in soil that works for the environment it’s in. Amend with peat moss, sand or compost to provide adequate drainage, especially if your soil is clay based.

Outdoor hibiscus leaves turning yellow

Your hibiscus leaves are turning yellow because they are not receiving enough light. As tropical plants, hibiscus plants need full sun to partial shade to thrive. Too much direct sunlight can result in leaf sunburn, causing little white spots to appear on the foliage.

Hibiscus leaves turning yellow with brown spots

Brown spots on hibiscus leaves are most commonly caused by fertilizer burn, however, they could also be due to too much direct sunlight or even signals that the plant is entering a new leaf growing cycle. It’s best to test the soil to ensure it has an adequate amount of nutrients, and adjust its lighting if you believe it’s getting too much direct sun.

Hibiscus leaves turn yellow in winter

Hibiscus plants require a lot of water, but not too much. Adding a layer of organic mulch to the base of the plant will help retain soil moisture and is beneficial to the hibiscus in all seasons. During periods of excessive heat or windy conditions, additional water may be required. However, if you keep your plant outdoors, be careful not to overwater during rainstorms.

Hibiscus yellow leaves vinegar

A hibiscus plant with yellow leaves may be suffering from a lack of acid. To restore the foliage’s natural, rich green color, mix a solution of 1 tbsp. white vinegar for every quart of water and pour it over the plant’s soil. Add no more that 1 cup of the mixture to the soil for each 12-inch pot size. Continue dosing with vinegar until the leaves return to their natural color, then do not use it again.

Why are my hibiscus leaves turning yellow with black spots

Often on a hibiscus plant, yellow leaves are caused by stress. However, black spots are caused by fungal infection or sometimes insect infestation. Here are a few reasons why your plant may be experiencing stress  .

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