How to water the garden


Watering plants is most important for gardeners. Its the basic need of garden plants that they need on daily basis. Summer is the most important to deliver water to plants. But there are many question that how much water is needed to garden, what is the best time for watering, how to give water and after what intervals garden need water for better growth.

Best time to water the plants

As I have mentioned that there is a specific time for water which is more effective than other parts of day. Late evening to mid night is the best time to water the plants. Its because the normal temperature of soil. Soil remain hot at sun time and plants can not properly get the water, So late evening is the best time because plants get the whole night to absorb until the sun rise. Heat of sun and soil high temperature is not effective time for watering the garden.

How often should you water the garden?

If you have flower bed in your home. Then it is sufficient to give 2 time water in a week. But you need to give in large quantity rather than little quantity with little intervals. But most plants need slightly wet soil every time. It depends on plants and geography. But in general case, when soil is fully dried after watering for plants then gardener need to do it again. That gap is useful which helps the garden to grow their roots.

How wet leaves are dangerous?

Watering for plants is most important activity but gardeners need to know an important fact. If you wet the leaves during watering plants then it become disease. When leaves got wet, sun heat creates dark spots on leaves. That is the disease which prevent garden growth. Bottom water supply is the best technique to water the garden.

How much water quantity is required for plants?

The simple answer of this question is, when water is fully reached to the bottom of roots then its enough quantity. Its necessary to give proper quantity. Low quantity only wet the upper layer of soil. In general, most of the gardening plants need wet soil until fruit or seed is ripped.

There are some key points. If soil is not completely wet to roots then water the plants again after few minutes. Always make proper supply channel around all sides of garden roots. Its necessary to water all the roots around the garden.

Automatic irrigation system is the modern technique which use sensors to properly water the garden. It is helpful for gardeners to maintain proper quantity with intervals..

Extra watering plants is also a very bad condition which we call waterlogging. Gardeners must be careful about that. Extra water is not beneficial for garden growth. When leaves drown then it can not breath with air. And plants without breathing remain dull.

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  1. its good to know about watering plants really i don’t know how to give water to plants in my home

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