Why is pollination important


Pollination process is important due to its benefits for high production. It leads to high production of fruits, vegetables and cereals. Flowers does this process with the help of agents. Without this process production level decreases badly. There are two types of pollination described at the end.

Pollination is the process of shifting pollen grains from male to female. Male have the anther which is moved towards the female stigma. But the movement of pollen grain can be through different sources.

Animals, insects and birds are called the agents of pollination. These agents come toward the flowers to collect edible. Agents body get dusty with pollen grains and they move to multiple plants which cause pollination.

Types of pollination

Self Pollination

In this process, male anther pollen grains meets with the same flower stigma or another flower of the same plant. It is only performed when flower has the both genders.

Cross Pollination

In this process, pollen grains are moved toward the other plants. This method is highly productive instead of self pollination. It is also same with human beings as close family marriages are less productive.

Hand, wind and water are also the pollinating agents. It does not concern who is the agent, we only need the result. Bees and insects are the most pollinating agents of all time. Gardeners get the bees from form houses for this purpose.

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