Anthurium is popular indoor houseplant. It’s easy to care and grow. Although anthurium is the world’s longest blooming plant but it’s also among the easiest plants to take care. But if you don’t know the proper way then you have a chance to make mistakes.

Anthurium Care Instructions

  • Light: It grows best in bright light areas but never place this plant under direct sun. Keep it under shade and open area where it can get the light from sides.
  • Water Supply: Supply the water after the soil is dry. It means after thoroughly watering the plant, give the proper time to dry the upper 3cm layer of soil before watering again.
  • Humidity: That’s very good to know this plant love the humidity. That’s why people also place this plant in bathrooms.
  • Temperature: On average 22-28 °C is best temperature for anthurium care.
  • Soil type: Soil should have well drained and also capability of keeping the moist.
  • Air Circulation: Fungal and bacterial diseases have more chances when there is high humidity and warm temperature but as this plant loves this environment, so we need to make proper air circulation which does not allow such diseases.
  • Pruning: Dead or dim flowers and leaves are need to be cut down to grow the new ones.
  • Fertilizers: Use a fair quantity of chemical or organic fertilizers during the plant growth seasons.

5 Biggest Anthurium Care Mistakes

These simple mistakes can damage the plant blooming and flowers health. Try to avoid the following anthurium care mistakes to get the healthy plant.

1. Over or Underwatering

Overwatering the biggest and most common mistake. Anthurium needs some gap to dry the soil to have good growth. But if soil remain moist all the time then this lead to root diseases.

But on the other end, if you are not giving the required water under hot dry climates and soil remain dry for the most part of time then this is not good for plant. You will see that stems are laying down.

To maintain plant health you need to know the proper quantity of water that plant is required. Anthurium require water every couple of days. But make sure give some time to dry the soil after every water supply. In hot dry climates never let the soil dry for days. You can also spray the plant with water on daily basis.

2. Pests

Anthurium is an easy target for many sucking insects. Keeping this plant outdoor is favorable for pests. Keep it indoor or make proper precautions for pest attacks. If you get any pests on plant, then first identify them and respond them accordingly.

Aphids are among the most dangerous pests for anthurium plant. Read complete guide about how to get rid of aphids to ensure the anthurium care.

3. Direct Sunlight

Yes, direct sunlight is not good for anthurium. It will surely damage the plant. Place the pot under shade where it can get the sun light from sides. Or use shade cloth or row cover if the plant is on open land.

4. Low Temperature and Humidity

Anthurium likes the regions with warm temperature and high humidity. If it’s not getting this from environment then you need to create it by yourself.

To avoid this issue, place the plant where it can get the indirect bright light of sun. And daily spay it with water to make humidity.

5. Failing to Repot

This is one more mistake we often make. We do not change the plant soil forever and plant does not get the required nutrition to grow. In this condition plant meet to its death.

As soil is the major source of food for plants, repot the anthurium plant to get the new rich nutrient soil. Learn about best garden fertilizers with Garden Simply.

Note: Keep this plant away from children to eat because it is poisonous.

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