Botanical NameAsparagus officinalis
Plant TypeVegetable
Time to PlantStart of spring
Soil TypeSandy loam
Soil ConditionWell drain
Soil PH6.0 to 7.0
Sun ExposureFull Sun
Temperature70 to 80 F
Water SupplyRegular watering
Organic FertilizersCompost and manure
Compound Fertilizers2 pounds per 100 square
Used InCooking

Asparagus – one of those major crops which get ready for harvesting in the spring- belongs to Asparagaceae formerly known as Lilly family.  In this article, you will learn in details every possible step including planting to growing and caring to harvest. We will discuss many prominent aspects which are essential to know for a beginner and an expert gardener. Following phases will be under discussion in coming sections: Which are the most fundamental and vital conditions to grow an unexcelled crop of asparagus? When to plant asparagus? Comprehensive details of how to plant asparagus roots and crows? After planting how to grow asparagus and care for asparagus? When and how to harvest asparagus?

grow asparagus

This plant has many scientifically proven benefits. Although it’s tough to grow asparagus plant by seeds for most of you, but either you are an experienced gardener or not still you can easily grow asparagus by crowns. We will completely guide you that how to grow asparagus?

Asparagus growing conditions

If you don’t know about the best suitable conditions for growing asparagus then you will never ever attain optimal production of asparagus. To obtain a healthy and qualitative yield, you must know all basic and necessary conditions for planting asparagus. If you successfully meet the exact condition for growing asparagus then your crop will have a matchless taste and spectacular texture.

For the ideal growth of the asparagus plant, sunlight is a basic requirement. It grows best in full sun. If you are unable to choose a place where it may haven’t full sun then you will have weak spear of asparagus and your production will be affected as well.

Asparagus is a perennial (long lasting plant or apparently infinite time) plant. It requires your attention to the preparation of best soil. Dig a trench and refill it with different organic material like compost and manure for the best and maximum yield. It likes the pH from 6.0 to 7.0 and makes sure to maintain this pH.

Asparagus needs consistent watering during the young phase. This is the time when the plant gets strengthen so make sure regular watering. Asparagus prefers warm climates. Suitable temperature for planting asparagus plant is 70 to 80 F. It grows shoots approximately when the temperature reaches 50 F. Try to avoid from frost. It will cause discoloration.

When to plant asparagus

When to plant asparagus depends on the conditions of your region. It is mostly planted at the start of the spring. It will maintain the same spot for even more than 20 years. It’s mean you are planting it for a long-lasting time so try to plant it in its prime conditions.

How to plant asparagus roots and crowns?

So far, you have learned about requisite conditions for planting asparagus. You are familiarized about the time to grow asparagus plant. Now let’s come to the pivotal point of discussion which is how to plant asparagus roots and crowns?

It’s not a big deal to plant asparagus seeds directly for an experienced gardener. However, if you are new in this field then planting asparagus from seeds is really strenuous for you. You can grow it for your own experience but we will recommend that you should plant asparagus by crowns. You might be thinking what is crown? Crown is a 1-year-old plant. Plant the asparagus crown as follows:

  • Select a place where it can have full sun for 6 to 8 hours.
  • Dig a trench almost 18 to 20 inches wide and 8 to 10 inches deep (in past, you have to dig 16 to 24 inches deep trench).
  • For two or more trench, dig them apart about 3 feet.
  • Add organic material like compost and manure.
  • Place the crowns of asparagus in the trench and spread the roots evenly.
  • Cover the crown slightly about 2 inches soil.
  • When asparagus grows 3 to 4 more inches taller, add two more inches of soil to strengthen this. However, make sure not to bury this.
  • After the passage of time when it grows taller, you keep adding more and more soil until trench filled to the ground level. Time to fill depends on how deeper is your trench?
  • Try to avoid emerging asparagus from water. It’s better to mound the soil to prevent pooling of water.
  • Sometimes it becomes headache process to fill the trench alongside the growth of asparagus. It takes your keen attention. However, the all-at-once method which is quite popular among various experienced gardeners. According to the expert gardeners, if the soil is fairly loose then spear of asparagus will face no issue by pushing through the soil to the surface.
  • Emerging plant require much water. Keep watering, it will strengthen the asparagus crown. Furthermore, you will have a strong spear of asparagus in every year during the spring.
planting asparagus

How to grow asparagus?

In the previous section, you have learned in detail that how to plant asparagus from the crowns? Now, we will learn all the necessary steps to obtain the mature and healthy spear of the asparagus plant. To learn how to grow asparagus, follow the following steps:

  • When the trench is filled either you fill it all-at-once or little by little, add mulch to maintain the moist.
  • Water regularly.
  • Be patient, after planting asparagus you will have to wait for at least 2 years.
  • Don’t start harvesting asparagus in the first year because let them grow root for better growth and best production.
  • During the second year, harvest only for a few weeks about 3 to 4 and don’t forget to cut down the dead foliage.
  • Next year, you are free to harvest.
covering asparagus plants

How to care for asparagus?

Caring the crop is one of the most crucial steps for growing asparagus plant. Either you choose prime conditions for growing asparagus or follow the exact steps for planting asparagus, you will not be able to obtain the best product until you care your crops. Water them regularly. Weed them properly and try to follow all the steps of how to grow asparagus section.

When and how to harvest asparagus?

There are 3 growing seasons required for harvesting asparagus. Although you can harvest in the second year slightly, but never ever try to harvest even a little bit in the first year. Keep your eye on them to harvest every day otherwise, these will become woody. Start harvesting asparagus spear when it’s length reach 6 to 8 inches and at least ½ inches thick.

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