How to grow carrots from seeds

Botanical NameDaucus carota subsp. sativus
Plant TypeVegetable
Time to PlantSpring (2 Weeks after last frost)
Soil TypeLoamy or sandy
Soil ConditionLoose soil
Soil PHNeutral range of 6.5 to 7
Sun Exposure6 – 8 hours of direct sunlight
Germination Temperature50 F to 85 F
Water SupplyFrequently (Keep moisture)
Organic FertilizersLittle amount in soil
Compound FertilizersUse after 4 to 5 weeks

Carrot is aromatic flowering plants belongs to Apiaceae family which is also known as Umbelliferae family. It is a rich source of vitamin A. In this useful guide, we will describe in details every possible aspect for growing carrot from which you will pass through. You will learn all fundamental requirements and essential and appropriate conditions for planting carrots. This article will answer many basic questions like how to plant carrots to obtain healthy and crunchy carrots with the sweetest taste? How to grow carrots and different caring step to achieve the highest possible and qualitative production? We will also cover harvesting and storing process of carrots.

fresh carrots

Planting carrots or any other root vegetable can be a cumbersome process and you have to be very careful about these because you don’t know how these are growing under the soil until you harvest them. Sometimes many experienced gardeners face the same problem. Instead of growing long, straight and healthy carrots, they obtain short, round and tasteless having shape almost similar like potatoes.

Maybe you are thinking that it is really hard to grow carrots? Your thinking is completely wrong. By highlighting the problem, we don’t want to push you in difficulty. We just want you to be careful while planting carrots. We will provide you a complete solution to these problems. You should carefully read this guide and be optimistic about attaining sugary straight carrots. Let’s now move toward different conditions for growing carrots. You should memorize these conditions and apply these while growing carrots so that you can harvest your desired carrots packed with sugary taste.

Conditions for growing carrots

It is not rocket science to know about the importance of conditions for planting any plant. If you follow all instructions and sow your crop during the exact time span and fulfill all conditions then you will obtain the best quality and quantity of your crops, otherwise either your quality or quantity will be affected. Choose site, prepare your soil and plant carrots as we are describing below.

A most important factor which is considered to obtain the best production of carrots is the preparation of soil. Carrots need airy, light and loose soil approximately 1 to 1.5 foot deep. Try to use 100% sand having 1/3 peat moss. Always make sure when preparing your soil that soil must not contain any rock (even a smaller one), a piece of wood and even clumps of soil. These things will affect your carrot growth. These things create hurdles when carrots grow down. When carrots grow down and hit any hard things, then they give up and stop growing straight. That’s why most of the gardener doesn’t successfully acquire straight carrots. If you want to harvest straight carrots then try to make your soil as clean as possible.

For better germination of carrots seed, these require full sun to shade. Try to maintain moisture by frequently watering so the soil can’t become curst over. It can also affect seed germination. It is not possible to transplant carrots, you should directly sow the seed where you want to grow carrots.

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When to plant carrots?

Carrot which is a long-lasting root vegetable can be grown in different climates. Before two weeks after the last frost in the spring, sow the seed of carrots. You should try to plant the carrots so that these can have 2 or 3 cooler weeks before harvesting. This will make your carrots much more sugary and tasty.

How to plant carrots from seeds?

So far, you have learned the major factor to improve your yield. Different conditions which have real importance for planting carrots. In this section, you will learn in detail the complete procedure of how to plant carrots from seed?

  • Try to choose an appropriate place where it can have sunlight.
  • Prepare your soil and make it loose almost 1 to 1.5 foot deep.
  • Remove any stone, wood and even break the soil clumps.
  • Now choose the variety which you want to grow. Chantenay, Nantes, and Ball-type are the most common varieties. You can also choose among various other varieties like Danvers, Imperator, and Amsterdam.
  • About 2 to 3 weeks before the last frost, sow the seeds outdoors.
  • Sow the seed almost 3 to 4 inches apart in a single row and a half to 1 inch deep.
  • For multiple rows, a distance of two rows should be at least 1 feet.
  • Cover the seeds slightly, and make sure that soil shouldn’t be crust over after watering.
  • Water the crop frequently but shallowly.
  • Carrots plant almost take 3 to 4 weeks for germinations so don’t be panic if your carrots are being late in appearing.
  • Carrots plants grow robust in full sunlight so try to plant accordingly.
grow carrots from seeds

How to grow carrots and care you carrots plants?

You have learned how to plant carrots? After planting, your effort is not over yet. So far so good. However, even after fulfilling all these requirements and planting, still, you can’t achieve your goals. To obtain maximum yield, you should learn how to grow carrots and care your plants?

  • Your soil should fulfill all upper mentioned conditions.
  • Avoid using too many organic compounds and fertilizers. Otherwise, your carrots will grow different side roots.
  • Gently mulch the crop to retain moisture.
  • Water the crop at least one inch in a week.
  • Weed the crop with too much care so don’t disturb the root.
  • Fertilize it after 4 to 5 weeks later after sowing the seed.
  • Try to avoid this from Aster Yellow disease.
carrots plant care

When and how to harvest carrots plant?

Time for harvesting carrots depends on various varieties and different regions where you are growing your carrots. Carrots can take almost somewhere in between 2 to 4 months to reach their maturity. When carrots diameter reaches till least half inch, then you can start harvesting carrots. Even you can harvest some younger carrots. If you grow carrots in early springs then you should harvest carrots before daily temperature raised too much. Pluck out the green tops of the carrots and store these for later use.

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