How to grow peppers

Botanical NameCapsicum annuum
Plant TypeVegetable
Time to PlantFebruary
Soil TypeSandy plus loamy
Soil ConditionFast draining
Soil PH5.5 to 6.5 –slightly acidic
Sun ExposureFull sun
Temperature70 to 80 degree F
Water SupplyTwo to three times a week
Organic MatterCompost and manure
FertilizersLittle compound fertilizer
Used forSpice

Pepper which is warm weather crop contains more than 30 species having white flower belongs to the nightshade family. We will explain in detail, in this article, about all fundamental and compulsory steps to grow your own peppers. It’s no matter either you are a beginner gardener or experienced, this guide will equally asset you in growing peppers. In the next few sections, we are going to cover the following aspects: which are the most pertinent requirements for growing peppers with seeds with prime quality? When to plant pepper seeds so that you may achieve maximum yield of peppers? A most important step is how to grow peppers? You will learn the complete method of how to plant peppers for ultimate spicy taste? At the start, we will try to briefly explain the medical importance of peppers.

growing peppers

Peppers -having a pungent and crispy taste- are one of the most growing crops in the world. Most of you even don’t know how to grow peppers? However, the rest of them who grow peppers are surprisingly not familiar with the medical importance of this vegetable. It’s good news for all those people who consider peppers as a diet. Let’s have a look on few most important scenically proven benefits of peppers.

Benefits of peppers

You will be amazed to know that peppers prevent allergies and bad breath. Hot pepper contains carotene and antioxidants which support our immune system and aid against flu. It has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidant which are considered as a cancer fighter. It reduces prostate cancer cells and keeps normal cells unharmed. It strengthens the metabolism and promotes weight loss by producing the thermogenic processes which generate heat in our body. It is the most important for the promotion of a healthy heart. It improves the circulatory system and prevents different heart disease.

After recognizing a lot of benefits of peppers plant, you are most probably thinking about growing your own peppers if you are a gardener. It’s a wise decision to grow your own, nothing can be as crispy as your own grown pepper. If you don’t have much idea about how to grow pepper, we will make that easy for you. Even though, if you are not gardeners and have the will to grow your own, you can grow peppers in the pot as well. In both cases, most of the conditions will be the same. Before expressing how to plant peppers, let’s have a look at different types of the peppers for the reader’s interest.

Types of peppers

You have learned the different most prominent advantages of peppers plant. There are various varieties for growing peppers. Even it’s fun to choose among numerous types of peppers while planting peppers. Peppers range from green peppers to banana peppers, chili peppers to spicy cayenne peppers and from hot habanero to ghost peppers.

types of peppers

Conditions for growing peppers

If you want to have quintessential peppers then you must have to fulfill all basic requirements and conditions for best yield. Not only yield will be maximum but also quality as well. For the ideal growth, you must have knowledge about conditions for planting peppers.

Pepper plants don’t like wet soil. Never ever try to plant them on soggy soil. Always choose well-drained soil because peppers grow fast in fast draining soil. To uplift your production, add well-rotted compost and manure into the soil. Soil should be a mixture of sandy plus loamy so that it may warm quickly. Ideally, the pH of the soil should be 5.5 to 6.5 –slightly acidic.

You should pick a site where pepper plant is not covered by other trees or shades so that it can access sunlight maximum for healthiest and largest fruit. Pepper plant incredibly likes hot climates so try to provide that. Pepper seeds grow best at 70 to 80 degree F.

If you want to plant peppers into containers, don’t hesitate just try to provide the same condition as we have mentioned above.

When to plant pepper seeds?

Peppers require long growing season. Try to plant them as early as possible for producing the best ripening fruit. Try to sow in Feb. These will take approximately 2 weeks for germination. You should sow the seeds indoors before the last frost or in March for 5 to 8 weeks. Transplant them in early June when the weather becomes really hot.

How to plant peppers?

Now after learning different requirements and the best timing for growing peppers from seeds, let’s learn how to plant peppers? Always keep in mind all requirement for planting peppers.

  • Try to sow the seed indoor for best germination.
  • Try to sow the seeds when the temperature should be 70 degrees F.
  • Sow the seeds a ¼ inch deep, approximately.
  • Start hardening the plant for 10 days before transplanting.
  • When the temperature reaches 60 F, transplant them outdoors.
  • Grow them almost 18 to 24 inches apart.
  • During transplantation, try to plant them a bit deeper to avoid from being rot.
how to plant peppers

How to grow peppers?

To plant your peepers in the best suitable time span is not only enough but to care your plant is also mandatory. Care for your plant will lead you to maximum possible yield. After learning how to plant peppers, let’s move towards the main point of discussion which is how to grow peppers?

  • For best growth, select a site where your soil acquires maximum sunlight.
  • Now, make your soil well-drained.
  • Add compost and manure into it to achieve your maximum target.
  • Add mulch to maintain moisture.
  • Water it almost one to two inches per week.
  • Fertilize it after obtaining the first fruit set. Try to avoid too much fertilization.
  • Don’t forget to weed properly and regularly.
  • You can use cages for supporting the peppers plant.
how to grow peppers

When and how to harvest peppers?

Harvesting peppers is the most important step after planting peppers, you were waiting for. Time for harvesting pepper is mostly dependent on your own choice, either you want to pick green or bright red peppers. When peppers reach their maximum possible size or your desired color, you can start harvesting peppers. If you pick green peppers then ripen rate of remaining peppers will be increased. Never try to pull the pepper during harvesting it will damage your plant. Use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors for harvesting peppers.

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