propagate zz plant Information

propagate zz plant Information

How to propagate zz plant in water

To propagate a ZZ plant (or any other plant), all you need is a sharp knife and some water. First, cut off a stalk at the base of your plant, making a straight cut with a sanitized knife. Place the cut stem in water, and change out the water every 3-4 weeks. If you forget, it’s fine, as long as there’s no mold growing. You can also try to botch the cuttings in soil after it starts putting out roots, but this is trickier than propagating in water.

how to propagate zz plant in soil

You can also propagate ZZ plant in soil using the water and rooting hormone method. Simply prepare a shallow container with moist, well-draining soil, pick out some leaves to start, remove the bottoms of those leaf cuttings (or pinch off), dip the cut ends in rooting hormone and press them gently into the soil pinched or cut side down. Then keep them lightly moist and wait for roots to develop before repotting.

black raven zz plant propagation

You can do it! Propagating the raven ZZ plant is easy. The best way to propagate it is by using stem cuttings. Cut off a stem that is at least 6 inches long and place it in a jar of water with about an inch of the stem underwater. Change the water every three or four days Using raven ZZ plant stem cuttings is the best way to propagate it. Cut off a stem that is at least 6 inches long. Place the stem in a jar of water and change the water every three or four days. You’ll notice roots develop at one end of the stem in about three weeks.

can zz plant grow in water

Chances are you’re looking to propagate your ZZ plant alongside other houseplants, so we’ll get right to it. Propagating in water is not the best way to form new ZZ plants and there are better ways! Avoid getting moldy rhizomes and check out the soil tips below.


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