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Soil type is important to know before gardening. There are three textures including sand, silt and clay. These are the

Soil is the land which is used for gardening plants. It is made up of particles of sand, silt and

The confusion about tomato are fruit or vegetables is due to its usage. Scientists and people usage is the main

Nursery is the specific place where plants are grown from seeds or cuttings. Nursery garden contain all living organisms. These are

Watering plants is most important for gardeners. Its the basic need of garden plants that they need on daily basis.

Soil preparation is an extremely important step for gardening. You might be thinking that gardening is an easy job by

Lawn is the area covered with small grass. Lawn grass is maintained at homes, parks, streets etc for beauty. These

Nutrient soil is base to healthy gardening. It grows food naturally. Natural food and environment is best for human life.