What are different soil types and soil texture

Soil is the land which is used for gardening plants. It is made up of particles of sand, silt and clay. These particles have different size and characteristics. In fact, these are the minerals from the rock. Plants get nutrients from these minerals. Some soil types are rich with minerals and some are weak depends […]

Tomato are fruit or vegetables?

The confusion about tomato are fruit or vegetables is due to its usage. Scientists and people usage is the main difference which cause this confusion. Here we do not consider how people use it. We will go with scientists experiment. Botany is the study of plants, which tells the characteristics of every plant. That confusion […]

Planting Nursery garden

Nursery is the specific place where plants are grown from seeds or cuttings. Nursery garden contain all living organisms. These are grown to a specific size in large quantity. After specific size, plants are sold publicly. People find the nearest nursery of plants and collect the things. April is the best month for planting garden at […]

How to water the garden

Watering plants is most important for gardeners. Its the basic need of garden plants that they need on daily basis. Summer is the most important to deliver water to plants. But there are many question that how much water is needed to garden, what is the best time for watering, how to give water and […]

Prepare Soil for Gardening – 5 Steps in Land Preparation

Soil preparation is an extremely important step for gardening. You might be thinking that gardening is an easy job by just digging a hole and plant your seedlings. Although it’s easy for most cases, but it is not always the case. You will have to properly manage your plant requirements and soil is the main […]

How to grow Lawn Grass from Seed

Lawn is the area covered with small grass. Lawn grass is maintained at homes, parks, streets etc for beauty. These are grown with sods and seeds. The best season for growing lawn is spring. Gardeners should must know that spring is the best season for planting. Today, I am gonna guide you through seeds. Sods […]

Soil testing for gardening

Nutrient soil is base to healthy gardening. It grows food naturally. Natural food and environment is best for human life. Land has different types. Each type supports different plantation. Soil testing before gardening is the best technique for planting garden. Using organic matter and compounds shows the weakness of land. Although, you can use these […]